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What is a Will?

A Will is perhaps the most important document you will ever sign. A Will grants power over who will receive your property, control your estate, and maybe the guardian of your children after your death.

Without a Will, your assets could remain undistributed or go to people you would never have wanted to receive. Furthermore, your family could spend years in court and incur significant legal fees in order to determine what your intentions were for your estate.

Tailored Will & Estate Planning Solutions

Drafting a Will can be a daunting and emotionally draining process, but protecting your family is too crucial to put off. Because one day, it is going to be too late! Death can be legally, financially, and emotionally taxing. But written instructions can help mitigate the legal burden and encourage organized distribution just like you want.

At Aastha Lawyers, our motive is to help you sort things out well in advance. It’s cardinal to understand that estate planning is much more than just creating a Will. It involves clarity on your as well as your loved ones’ needs and defining how you want your assets to be managed.

Our Will & estate lawyers in Mississauga provide dedicated Wills, probate, and administration services, as well as estate litigation expertise. We will understand your goals and offer customized solutions to serve you in the best possible fashion.

What can one include in the Will?

  • A clause revoking former Wills and testaments
  • Specification of your city/town and province of jurisdiction
  • Appointing an executor or person who will carry out the terms of your Will
  • Appointing alternate executor(s)
  • Specifying detailed duties and powers of your executor or person carrying out the terms of your Will
  • Leaving specific gifts to specific individuals such as:
    • Specific amount of money
    • Car
    • Jewellery
    • Household items
    • Stocks/Bonds
    • Shares in private companies
    • Primary Residence
    • Secondary Residence (i.e. cottage)
    • Other specific assets
  • Leaving the residual estate to specified individuals
  • Trust provisions allowing you to choose an age that minor children are entitled to receive their share of the estate
  • A clause allowing your executor to make income tax decisions in the best interests of your estate
  • Charity clause allowing you to leave specified gifts to a charitable organisation
  • Guardian clause allowing you to appoint a person to take care of a child who is a minor
  • Clauses allowing the appointment of an alternate guardian(s) to take care of a child who is a minor
  • A detailed instruction letter on signing your Will with witnesses

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