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One of the most common reasons why applicants are unsuccessful in their immigration to Canada is the incomplete or incorrect filing of the application. While it may appear straightforward, the legal considerations can be complex, challenging, and overwhelming. In addition, the manifold immigration programs and hefty documentation doesn’t make it easier. This is where our legal expertise and extensive experience comes in handy!

Immigration Law

At Aastha Lawyers, our immigration lawyers do it right the first time with their tech-savvy and professional approach. The expense of making one wrong move can prove to be dear and may even lead to a negative decision. Far too often, experienced professionals are called for damage-control after the situation has elevated. Our focus is to provide efficient and accommodating services by navigating you through the complexities and finding the quickest solutions to achieve the most successful outcome.

Quick Tips from the Top Immigration Lawyers

Let us help kickstart your journey in this beautiful nation that we call home. We can assist you in the following streams:

Visit Canada

Whether you are looking to stay with your relatives or friends, explore the scenic beauty that keeps calling many tourists back, or visit for business purposes, our experienced lawyers can help efficiently while maintaining competitive rates. There are various immigration options available, like, Temporary Resident Visa Program, Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), Business Visa Program, and Super Visa among others.

Study in Canada

Studying in Canada is one of the best decisions laying out a host of benefits for foreign nationals. Most Canadian colleges are globally recognized and offer a chance of encountering incredible experiences, building your career, and networking. In addition, there are add-ons such as getting a work permit after completing your education, which also enhances your chance of becoming a permanent resident.

Work in Canada

A foreign national intending to work in Canada must procure a valid work permit. A person needs to apply for the work permit before arriving in Canada, and may also additionally need an entry visa. A person may qualify for an open work permit too.

Live in Canada

There is a myriad of immigration programs that a foreign national can apply to procure a permanent residence in Canada. These include - investment programs - a specialized program launched by Canadian Government, family sponsorship - a family reunification program, and Express Entry system, which is a point-based system in which applicants need certain minimum points to be eligible.

Whether you are looking for an immigration lawyer for Express Entry or for a provincial nomination application, we can help!

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